• | KIKK festival invite Nonotak

    The creation of light and sound install ...

    KIKK festival invite Nonotak Find out more

    Mons 2015 is associated with the University ...

    UNI, CAPITAL! Find out more
  • | Come and dance in Mons!

    The Alhambra: a new musical scene

    Come and dance in Mons! Find out more
  • | Europe and the young

    Put away your pencils and paper

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  • | Dawn in the Borinage, stage 3

    Warm wine and amuse-bouches

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  • | Europeana, digital content library

    Where Technology meets Culture

    Europeana, digital content library Find out more
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Mons 2015 from all angles

  • Opening Cermony

    It all starts with a big party. On the launch night, Mons 2015 will open its doors to let you discover: ...

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  • Exhibitions

    Where so many discoveries have been made and a source of inspiration, the Mons region has been marked ...

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  • Supporting Artists

    Until 2015, being a supporting artist means working closely with you to transform the city together, ...

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  • Art in The City

    Established artists or young talents, monumental works or surprising journeys, the city of Mons and its ...

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  • Living Arts

    In the dim light of an auditorium, living art transports, recounts and confronts. In 2015, Mons will ...

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  • Home & away

    In 2015, without the jet lag, passport or backpack, stop off in Glasgow, Milan, Lille, Casablanca... ...

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  • Technologies

    “Where technology meets culture…” has been one of Mons 2015’s main investments since the sta ...

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  • Architecture

    From Sainte-Waudru to the Belfry, Mons is a city full of history and heritage. From its very foundations, ...

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  • The Great 8

    In 2015, from Cuesmes to Villers-St-Ghislain, Mons and its surroundings will be the Capital.

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